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Peerzle on campus

Helping students feel more connected.

With Peerzle, student users can connect virtually with peers to have helpful conversations, all with the knowledge that the person they are talking to has shared their same struggles in the past. For universities, Peerzle allows their students to take their mental wellness into their own hands while fostering a more socially connected campus to make students feel a strong sense of belonging from the very beginning. 

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Culture of wellness
  • Eliminate help-seeking stigmas and barriers that stop struggling students from reaching out for help

  • Create a more socially connected and supportive campus

  • Provide anonymous, on-demand 24/7 support

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Colorful Illustrated Harmony Week Instag
Value on investment
  • Greater social connectedness and mental health support

  • Increased retention rates

  • Higher academic achievement 



Sharing evidence & outcomes
  • Have a better understanding of incidence and prevalence rates

  • Learn about healthy lifestyle behaviors on campus

  • Gather program evaluation data to backup benefits of the platform

Colorful Illustrated Harmony Week Instag
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