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Why Peerzle?

Being a Peerzle Leader means joining our mission to foster a world where everyone has a place to vent about their problems in an equitable, healthy, and safe way. Empower your peers to cultivate meaningful conversations in all areas of college life by bringing your campus together through activations. 

What do Peerzle Leaders do?

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#1 Share

Recruit your friends, roommates, classmates, student organizations, peers, etc. to signup for Peerzle.

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#2 Advertise

Wear Peerzle merchandise around campus, use Peerzle accessories, and talk whenever asked about it.

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#3 Connect

Follow all of Peerzle’s social media channels, like & share their posts, and create posts of your own.

What's the purpose?


Spread the Mission

Inspire your community to have healthy and equitable conversations in all areas of college life while embodying our core values of kindness, honesty, inclusivity, accountability, and growth.


Make College Less Stressful

Though being a Peerzle Leader is a big responsibility, it’s also an opportunity to take an active role in your campus community. It's so rewarding to watch your community come together and connect to foster a culture of mental wellness.

Who we want on the team

Role Models

You influence those around you in a positive and empowered way. You are all-in to spread Peerzle’s brand & mission.


You treat others with respect, just as you would like to be treated. You aren’t afraid to present & share ideas with other Leaders.


You don’t only come up with ideas, you make them happen. Taking the first step into action is what separates the doers from the dreamers.


You don’t shy away from having one-on-one conversations about Peerzle. You will go the extra mile to accomplish your goals.


You understand the value of Peerzle’s mission and know how to bring inspiring people together.

Already a Peerzle Leader?

Access your dedicated page by clicking the button below (password protected):

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