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What is Peerzle?

Have one-on-one anonymous chat conversations, browse wellness content, or connect with your community resources. Peerzle is a platform to relieve the daily struggles of life through on-demand 20-minute chats. 

Feeling homesick? Stressed about your health? Going through a tough breakup? We help you find the best match in your network by connecting you with peers based on shared experiences. From there, you can feel comfortable talking through your struggles, knowing that you are talking to someone who has experienced similar issues. 

Life can be tough, but you are not alone. Peerzle allows you to work together with your peers to promote a culture of wellness within your community while breaking down the stigmas and barriers that block people from seeking help.

Profile features:

  • Remain anonymous while keeping a personal human connection by choosing an avatar and a community-friendly username from countless options.

  • Edit your preferences in your settings if you prefer to talk to someone of the same gender, language, and more.

  • Turn on/off if you want to be available to help others dealing with similar struggles.

Peerzle is a community for casual conversations about everyday struggles and is not a solution to severe mental health issues or disorders. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, contact emergency services (911). 

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